Other events you may enjoy…

If anyone’s going to be in Edinburgh in early August, the splendid chaps at Royal Mile Whiskies are once again running their vastly popular Whisky Fringe event (for the 10th year!) from August 5th-7th.  Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 18th of May at 10am, and I’m told they disappear almost as quickly as Whisky Squad tickets do.

To buy tickets, you must be a registered user on their website.

Or, if you’re not so keen on travelling to exotic far off locations…

Tickets for The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show (the best event that features the word “whisky” twice in the title that you’re ever likely to go to) are now on sale over at The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show website.  It runs from October 7th to 8th, and is just immense.  Well, it was last time.

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