Whisky Squad Birthday Tasting Guestblogged!

Tortured souls feeling deprived (and rightly so) for missing the Whisky Squad #13 session last week (our 1st Birthday Spectacular) can now catch up on all the information they missed by popping over to Caffiene Frenzy Wanderlust and reading Charly’s musings on the whiskies we had to mark the momentous occasion. Old man’s sick… wet canine… cough syrup… It’s probably worth highlighting that she actually enjoyed the evening.

Fans of verbosity might also enjoy Billy’s slightly expanded take on proceedings – reading that almost made me feel like I was actually there.

So with another Whisky Squad session scheduled for tomorrow night, and the May session recently booked out, things are well underway and going strong.

Keep an eye on this website, gentle reader, for further news of Whisky Squad goings on…

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