Whisky Squad #15 – Highlanders (bookings now open)

The time has come to turn our attention to the whisky region described as “Highlands”.  Covering every mainland distillery north of Glasgow (outside of the Speyside cluster), surely the region’s too massive to have any unifying characteristic?

To lead us through some fine selections from the Highlands in the pursuit of an answer to this thorny question, we are once again privileged to have the expertise and calming demeanour of Mr Rob Whitehead.

To make your reservation, please use the Whisky Squad #15 booking form.

Act fast to avoid disappointment: these things normally move pretty quickly!

The date for this session is Thursday May 5th, and will take place in the upstairs room at The Gunmakers.  £15 per head, payable in advance.

Whisky Squad is London’s friendliest, most casual, and least patronising whisky tasting night, and whisky enthusiasts (or people who are thinking of becoming whisky enthusiasts) of all levels are welcome to join us.

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