Japanese Whisky Squad session #1 guestblogged

A pair of extremely fine accounts of our first ever Japanese whisky tasting session are up & ready for you to read – the first of which was rushed out in near-superhuman time by Alan over at The East London Drinker.  The whisky list looks to have roundly embraced the theme for the night, and reports back from various participants confirm that there are loads of fascinating things going on in the Japanese whisky industry!

Making with his usual excellent tranche of sensory reportage is the globally acclaimed Billy’s Booze Blog entry on the event.

Any night that features a 3 month old peaty maniac of a drink which evokes swear words from grown adults has got to be great.

Coming up next, we’ve got the second Japanese Whisky Squad session on June 23rd (sold out, but watch @whiskysquad on twitter for news of cancellations), and stay tuned for the bookings opening up for our American Whiskey Session on July 7th any day now…

One thought on “Japanese Whisky Squad session #1 guestblogged”

  1. Not superhuman really… I had a 2 hour train ride hence more detail than usual! Looking forward to the next one :-)

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