Whisk(e)y Squad #18 – American Independents (bookings now open)

Our transatlantic cousins have a strong distilling history which shares much with the Scottish drink of which we are so beloved, so the time has come to turn our attention to what they do & how they do it.

In this session we’ll try a variety of styles of American whiskey – not exclusively what’s known as “bourbon” – and learn a little about the different ingredients, production methods, and resultant flavours, and as always we’ll emerge from the other side as ever-so-slightly more enlightened booze-o-philes.

To make your reservation, please use the Whisk(e)y Squad #18 booking form

Book fast, these tickets won’t stick around long!

The date for this session is Thursday July 7th, and will take place in the upstairs room at The Gunmakers.  £15 per head, payable in advance.

Whisky Squad is London’s friendliest, most casual, and least patronising whisky tasting night, and whisky enthusiasts (or people who are thinking of becoming whisky enthusiasts) of all levels are welcome to join us.

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