A brace of excellent new sessions to start off 2012!

We’re kicking off the new year at Whisky Squad (London’s friendliest casual whisky tasting group) with a selection of very interesting sessions indeed, which are not to be missed!  And, happily, the first one’s so close to New Year’s that work probably won’t have gotten too intense and you can relax about sampling whisky on a school night.

Wednesday January 4th, 19:00 – In our 27th tasting session, we’ll be heading into the historical and prestigious building that houses London’s famous wine merchants Berry Brothers & Rudd for what promises to be an interesting and unique evening for 2 reasons – it’s in PITCH DARKNESS, and the tasting will be led by Mr Robert Whitehead (Berry Brothers & Rudd’s spirits specialist).  Click here to access the booking form for the tasting known as “The Third Sense” (this session is now fully booked).

Thursday January 19th, 19:30 – Session number 28 will depart slightly from our usual remit of sampling Scotch Whisky.  As we’ve seen, there’s a whole world of whisky out there to try, and for this session we’re going to be taken on a global tour by our very own Mr Billy Abbott, and we shall be holding this tasting in the magnificent upstairs private room at Albannach on Trafalgar Square.  Book for “Sippin’ Global”. (this session is also now fully booked).

And, as a bit of a special extra treat, we’ve arranged a Saturday event in February as well!

Saturday February 25th, 14:00 – Blending whisky is an art form, and nobody has proved themselves to be an exponent of this art more than Compass Box Whisky Company.  So we are very privileged to have been invited to their Chiswick headquarters for an afternoon of BLENDING SCHOOL.  A session surely not to be missed.  Click here to book(And, so’s this one!  All booked up now.).

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