Recipe corner (by wildly popular request)

At our recent Indian whisky tasting & food experience – “The Subcontinental Flavour Onslaught” – one of the treats we were presented with was a delightful customised cocktail, created especially by Carl at Dishoom, to showcase the flavour of the award-winning Indian whisky: Amrut Fusion.

After weeks of experimentation Carl came up with a concoction based on one of the most traditional of whisky cocktails, which complimented the spice, vanilla, honey and malt flavours of this innovative whisky – and yet the hibiscus and honey draw out the gentle smoke flavours as well.

Honeycomb Amrut Fusion Sour

10mL fresh lemon juice
10mL fresh lime juice
25mL hibiscus & peach liqueur
35mL Amrut Fusion
5mL honey
20mL egg white
10mL soda

Build ingredients and shake with cubed ice.  Fine strain over rocks.

Thanks Carl!  Awesome stuff.

(photo by kind courtesy of Alan Perryman)

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