June tasting sessions open for booking

Feast your eyes on the sessions we’ve got queued up for June!  Fans of smoky whisky will be excited to know that we’ve got another smoke-centric session happening, and then the 2nd session in June is going to be a really fascinating glimpse into the workings and product from an exciting new distillery operation, which is part of one of England’s oldest breweries…

Thursday Jun 7, 2012: Whisky Squad #37 – Mystery Smoke Stack

Ollie Chilton takes us for a wander through a lovely selection of smoky whiskies whose origins are shrouded in secrecy…  Intriguing, isn’t it? (taking place at The Whisky Exchange at Vinopolis – booking form)

Tuesday Jun 19, 2012: Whisky Squad #38 – To make whisky, you start with beer

The first step of the distillation process is to make a kind of beer.  So what happens when a brewer, whose specialty is beer, dips their toe into distilling?  Ed Bates will be showing us exactly that! (taking place at The Bridge House, SE1 – booking form)


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