The 2 days of the 31 days of the month of Christmas that have Whisky Squaddage…

Two final sessions for 2012 remain, and they are as follows:

Whisky Squad #49: Rum Squad – 7:30pm Thursday December 6th at The Gunmakers.

We’ll be taking one of our evening detours away from whisky and dipping into the murky and turbulent world of rum*, guided by the inimitable Stef Holt – who’s going to learn us a thing or two about what can be done with a bit of sugar, heat, and motivation.

* note: rum’s probably not murky or turbulent – they were just the first two adjectives I could think of.

Whisky Squad #50: Whisky Surprise – 7:30pm Thursday December 20th at The Red Lion, Crown Passage

Last tasting of the year has always been the “bring a whisky you’d like to share” night, and based on the roaring success & variety of the last two it seemed silly not to follow suit.  A varied, fairly unstructured night guaranteed.

December tastings open for bookings Nov 22nd 10:30pm Australian Central Daylight Time, because Jason’s on holiday in Adelaide and he’s the one opening the bookings up. Hopefully that makes sense.

And, finally, it’s not strictly relevant but thought we’d share anyway – nice little interview about Whisky Squad has turned up on the wildly popular Whisky Marketplace TV podcast.  Which is nice.  Have a look:

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