A fine bevy of tastings for November…

As well as our usual 2 tasting sessions this month, we’ll be running an extra fundraising tasting now (as has become tradition) for the mens’ health charity movement that crams absurd moustaches into November – Movember.

So, the schedule looks like this:

Leading off on Nov 1st we have our very own Aussie Joel Eastman with a tasting that keeps up certain antipodean stereotypes:

Whisky Squad 47: The Extreme Whisky Tasting

Our mid-month tasting on the 15th focuses our topical lens on the often misunderstood & sometimes maligned whisky category of grain whisky.  Phil Storry will be helping us understand more about just how much depth & delicacy can come from this industrially-produced spirit:

Whisky Squad 48: The Storry of Grain

And finally, with all proceeds being donated to the Movember charity, Darren Rook and Andrew MacLeod-Smith will be delighting us on the 29th with:

The Movember 2012 Tasting

¬†Fingers on buzzers…

Bookings for November open at 7:30pm on Wednesday October 17th.

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