Whisky Time Machine to be won

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Balvenie Caribbean Cask.
On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me Bowmore 15, and a Balvenie Caribbean Cask.
On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me Yamazaki 12, Bowmore 15, and a Balvenie Caribbean Cask.
On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me Tomintoul 14, Yamazaki 12, Bowmore 15, and a Balvenie Caribbean Cask.”

In many ways it’s probably just as well that the Drinks By The Dram Whisky Advent Calendar only gives you one dram per day, because unlike the song, there’s 24 days in it – and you’d be hard-pressed to finish off 300 drams before Christmas. Yes, you would.

At this point you’d be right to ask “What on Earth are you talking about?” – and you’d be right to do so!

Our fine fine chums at Maverick Drinks have given us one of their marvellous Whisky Advent Calendars to bestow upon one lucky person.


People raising squadrons of well-behaved mice will LOVE this calendar, as it features 24 little individual doors – more than ample for your mouse storage needs once you’ve taken all the whisky out. Oh yes, behind each numbered door is one of a great selection of whiskies in the universally popular Drinks By The Dram series. Traditionally you open one door each day leading up to Christmas, providing you with not only a quick & easy visual reminder of what day you’re up to in the month, but also with a great opportunity to try 2 dozen new whiskies!

You could employ some sort of random number generator to add further surprise to which whisky you’ll be assigned for the day. Or you could just open all the doors and laugh maniacally. It’s totally up to you, once you win it.

Oh – how do you win it? Easy!

There’s 3 ways to enter, and everyone can enter up to 3 times.

1) Sign up for the Whisky Squad mailing list.

The more astute of the folks who read this via the Whisky Squad mailing list will therefore have figured out that they’re already in with a chance.

2) Twitter users can tweet the following message for a second chance:

Win a @drinksbythedram #WhiskyAdvent Calendar with @WhiskySquad ! http://tinyurl.com/squidhats

3) Inevitably we’re going to post the story on our Facebook page, so if you’re one of Facebook’s 1.2 billion users then if you Share our story, you’ll get a third chance to win.

A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday November 27th, and provided they’re a non-fictional being of legal age for buying whisky the magical mail pixies at Master of Malt will despatch you your prize.

Awesome, no?

Incidentally, anyone who (correctly) thinks that a whisky advent calendar would make a terrific gift for a whisky enthusiast (or mouse wrangler) in their life can buy them for £149.95+p&p at the Master of Malt website!

Fine print: Open to UK residents only, must be 18+ years of age.  Winner selected at random by all entries counted up til 12 noon GMT on Wednesday November 27th 2013.

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