January 2014 Sessions

Loads of whisky fun for January 2014 –

2nd Jan: Whisky Squad 77 – “Berry Brothers, and Rob”

Our traditional year beginning with the tasting led by the incomparable Robert Whitehead and his selection of magnificent Berry Brothers & Rudd whiskies.

12th Jan: Whisky Basics

An afternoon session for anyone who’d like to go over some of the fundamentals of Scotch whisky, with Jason B. Standing.

16th Jan: Whisky Squad 78 – “Old and New II”

Billy Abbott takes us through a brace of currently available whiskies, and we sample them alongside their counterparts from further back in time.

31st Jan: Whisky Friday at SMWS

Not a tasting session as such – more a chance for us to meet up & have a nice social chat with a few tasty single cask drams.

Get into it!

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