February’s tasting and something a little different…

Whisky Squad’s adventures into 2015 are well and truly underway! It’s already time announce February’s session.

Session!? Surely we mean sessions!

I’m afraid not. The coming two months will only feature one session each. This is because Whisky Squad Founder and Commander-In-Chief, Jason B. Standing, has recently moved out to Bristol on a more permanent basis, meaning there is a slight shake up while we adjust. Don’t worry, Jason is still very much involved and we will still see him at sessions throughout the year, just a little less often than we are used to. He says the risk of falling asleep on the train home is just too high and he doesn’t fancy finding himself at the end of the line…in Wales!

Of course, only one session this month means less tickets to go around. In an attempt to ensure securing a ticket is fair for everyone we are going to run our own version of the Wimbledon Ticket Ballot. See the event page for all the info.

Normal, two session service will resume from April. In the mean time, good luck in the ballot and we hope to see you at February’s session, which just happens to be…….

Whisky Squad #103: David and Goliath

A debate is raging in the whisky world about size, craft, quality and the whisky marketing machine. In this session we are going to put the debate to rest with six cracking drams from a set of outstanding Davids and top-notch Goliaths.

5th February, The Red Lion, £18pp

The ticket ballot opens is now open.

Whisky Squad tastings are designed to be an informal and informative, fun way of learning about and tasting whisky.  Whilst not an “introduction to whisky” session, we have people of all backgrounds and facets of whisky exposure, and everyone interested in whisky is very welcome!

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