Whisky Tastings in June: Part 1

June is just around the corner and that means another couple of Whisky Squad sessions are rapidly approaching! We’ve got all the juicy details for June’s first tasting right here in this email.

As for the second session, well we’re going to make you wait just a little longer. Billy is cooking up something big! There is just a couple of last pieces to put in place after he returns from his Islay pilgrimage and once we have all the info we will send out another newsletter to announce the session. In the meantime, you can book on for a spot of island hopping with Elise.

Whisky Squad #108 – Island Hopping

Whisky Squad co-organiser, Elise, has been dreaming of an island holiday filled to the brim with wonderful whisky. But what kind of whisky can one find on a lump of land in the sea?

Is the sea-salty tang of a hebridean dram connected in some kind of spiritual way to it’s uisce beatha brethren the world over? (see what we did there?) Is there something about being an “islander” that gives a distiller a special perspective?

Tickets go on sale 28th May, at 11am.

Keep your eyes peeled, the second June session announcement is imminent!

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