Whisky Tastings for August


Another month, another couple of tastings. Look out, all the juicy detail are coming at ya!

Whisky Squad #112 – Capital of the Whisky World

Sometimes it’s nice to put all the wacky session themes aside and have a good old fashioned regional whisky tasting. So that’s what we’re doing! For the first time in our five year history we dedicate a session to a little town with a big history

6th August, 19:30 at The Ship, EC3R 7NB

Whisky Squad #113 – Dram, That’s Refreshing!

Other times it’s fun to tip the idea of a whisky tasting on its head and do something completely different. Sound like fun? Then check out this summery session, complete with whisky, BBQ and a bit of mixology.

Whisky Squads #112 and #113 will go on sale on Monday 21st July 2015 at 11am.

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