A brace of April tastings for your delectation

CORRECTION: The Indian tasting was listed as Sunday April 21st, however the date is Sunday April 22nd. There is no Sunday April 21st this year, and it’s definitely not on Saturday. We apologise for any inconvenience. If this causes you any problems, please get in touch with us immediately.

In April we’re extremely lucky to have 3 tastings for you to choose from, all totally different and totally interesting:

Thursday April 5th – Whisky Squad #33 – “The Raw Spirit” (and 2nd Birthday) – This session is now fully booked

Celebrating our SECOND BIRTHDAY we thought maybe it’d be fun to try something we’ve not done before really – trying samples of a few new make spirits (that wonderful stuff from straight off the still) against the more familiar aged whisky from the matching distillery.  The rationale was going to be something to do with a birthday signifying the passing of time, and new make spirit being newborn before being aged into whisky.  But then that doesn’t work, because new make has to be aged a minimum of THREE years before you can call it whisky…  So that’s that analogy knackered.  Still, it ought to be fun.  £15 per person, at The Gunmakers.

Click here for the booking form for the April 5th tasting.

Thursday April 19th – Whisky Squad #34 – “Whisky in cocktails with Monkey Shoulder” – This session is now fully booked

Two things we’ve not yet explored in 33(ish) glorious sessions of Whisky Squad are: the interesting stuff that you can do making cocktails from whisky, and the blended malt “triple malt” whisky taking the bar world by storm, Monkey Shoulder.  We’re very lucky to have secured the time of Dean and Olivier from Monkey Shoulder to give us an evening of education on both of these.  £15 per person, at The Red Lion in Crown Passage.

Click here for the booking form for the April 19th tasting & cocktail session.

Sunday April 22nd – “The Subcontinental Flavour Onslaught”

One of the most exciting sources of flavour combinations on the planet is India, and from 4-6pm on Sunday the 22nd of April we’re going to be treated to 2 different types of tastebudular sensorialisation.  Firstly, we’ll be sampling some of the amazing dishes from Bombay-style Café & Sunday afternoon favourite, Dishoom.  And as if that weren’t enough, we’ve then got a tasting of a selection of whisky from India led by Ashok Chokalingam of the very buzz-worthy Amrut Distillery.  The afternoon promises to be a rare treat, as we’ve given Ashok a bit of a challenge in the lineup of whiskies he’ll be showing, and as if THAT weren’t enough, Carl from Dishoom is creating us a signature cocktail using Amrut whisky.  Did I mention we’re getting food from Dishoom too?  It’s too good.  £25 per person, at Dishoom on Upper St Martin’s Lane.

Click here for the booking form for the April 22nd taste experience.

Whisky Squad tastings are casual, informal, and bring together people enthusiastic about whisky from all sorts of backgrounds and levels of expertise.  Even if you think you don’t know anything about whisky – if you’re interested enough to consider learning, that’s good enough for us.

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