A couple of media things for you to consume

How exciting!  Whisky Squad featured on the Monday April 30th edition of the Londonist Out Loud podcast, presented by gravelly-voiced host N Quentin Woolf.

Recorded at the Soho Whisky Club, whisky enthusiast Jason B. Standing attempted to introduce the other participants in the recording to a selection of whiskies, with varying degrees of success.  A partial barrier was possibly that the recording started about midday (which as we all know is an excellent time to nose whisky!), but a couple of twinkles of recognition happened as time went by, and Tim Dickens from the Brixton Blog & Bugle seemed incredibly keen to pop along to a future session!

The other bit of fun news is that a bunch of Whisky Squad folk had a great time the other weekend at The Whisky Lounge festival in the Royal Horticultural Halls in London – some as consumers, and some working on stands at the event or directly for The Whisky Lounge.  Great to see!  It was a magnificent event, with loads of people totally new to the world of whisky tasting in attendance as well as plenty of enthusiasts, and this prompted some quite engaged conversations in the room.  Massive thanks to Eddie, Amanda, Joe and the team for a splendid weekend!  They’ve put together a video about it which is well worth 2min 40secs of your time…

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