Whisky Squad: Tastings for May

The May sessions are now fully booked – if you’d like news & info about future Whisky Squad tasting sessions, why not sign up for our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter?

Two more shiny & new tasting sessions open for booking:

Thursday May 3rd – “Luxury Blends”

Special guest Phil Huckle’s going to take us through an area of the blend market that most of us probably haven’t had an opportunity to wave our nostrils around.  A rare treat! (booking form)

Thursday May 17th – Tequila Squad

We’ve learned an awful lot about whisky over the last 2 years, so we thought as a one-off exercise we might try shining our focus on an entirely different spirit that there’s a great deal to learn about.  Just as whisky’s cast off by some as being a nasty, burny liquor that you have at parties when you’re a student, so too Tequila is rather 2-dimensionally seen as… well, a nasty burny spirit you have at parties when you’re a student.  But there’s so much more to it.  And that’s what we’re talking about. (booking form)

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