Competition time! (again)

The time comes in every wildly popular whisky tasting group’s life when demand for club t-shirts gets so strong it can’t be ignored.  Equally, my lack of graphic design skill can’t be ignored either – so it seemed only appropriate to throw the concept open to the Squad at large!

So the idea is – send in your t-shirt designs to us, either by email (, to our Facebook Page, to Twitter, in the comments section under this blogpost, or drawn on a piece of paper handed to us at a tasting session.  Digital submissions in JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, EPS, PSD, XCF,or PDF format please.  Hand-scrawled nonsense in whatever media you choose, I guess.

Entries close on May 18th.

The winner, as selected from the entries received, gets a yummy bottle of whisky for their troubles*.

There’s no real guidelines other than that.  Here’s one I knocked up in 30 seconds a little earlier:

Feel free to come up with any slogans, straplines or other words you feel necessary.  Include the logo, or, don’t (although I’ll probably sneak it into the final design, somehow).  The idea is that we’ll get these available to buy, somehow.


* fine print: bottle of whisky only winnable by residents of the UK who are over 18 years of age, but seeing as that covers everyone who comes to Whisky Squad it didn’t seem worth making a big fuss about…

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