September Sessions

Here we go again with 2 more interesting & different Whisky Squad offerings – one demonstrating the breadth & possibility of flavours in the whisky diaspora through a new and exciting range of bottlings, and the other showing a few budget conscious choices and possibly some things to think about in the leadup to Christmas…

WS#43 – 6 Sep 2012 – Whisky By Flavour

The first September session sees our introduction to a new range of independently bottled spirits from Wemyss Malts – whose bottlings are more about interesting flavours than about provenance and distillery.

WS#44 – 20 Sep 2012 – The “Bang for your Buck” session

Later in the month and as we start to maybe thing about Christmas we’ve got a session dedicated to great value drinks that won’t break the bank – ideal things to suggest for that person who thinks you’ve already got everything.

Bookings open at 10am on Saturday August 18th!

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