Whisky Squad – The October Edition(s)

Coming up we’ve got 2 more lovely sessions for your delectation & joy, and bookings will open at 11am on Monday September 17th. Don’t miss out on these!

Taking Whisky Squad back to its roots of bringing together a selection of great whiskies with a possibly unexpected justification, Rob Whitehead from Berry Brothers & Rudd will be blowing minds in October with:

Whisky Squad #45 – Thursday October 4th – “More Whisky”

And to follow that, Billy Abbott will attempt to show us a thing or two about the sherry business, and help understand what types of sherry there are and how those might influence whiskies whose casks they’re aged in:

Whisky Squad #46 – Tuesday October 16th – “The Rain in Spain”

These tastings usually sell out pretty quickly, so best not hang around if you want a spot.

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