The June Tastings. Of whisky. Whisky tastings in June, more accurately. That is.

For June we’ve got not one but two guest tastings, which is wonderful news!  Both will be quite radical departures from our last few sessions (other than in the sense that they’ll come with a load of sensory stimulation and provide much to broaden our palates, minds and experiences).

Whisky Squad 87 – The Mini Whisky Dinner

Squad regulars Kirsty and Elise match and contrast a range of whiskies with a selection of nibbles & foodstuffs that they’ve picked out, or more accurately, made. Having tasted both Elise and Kirsty’s cooking in the past, this is a sure-fire winner of an evening no matter what else happens!

Whisky Squad 88 – Everybody Loves Canadians

Elise goes on to play a blinding double…  Sure we’ve looked at “American Whiskey” in previous sessions, but the USA’s northerly neighbour has almost completely been left out of our lineups.  Until now.  Canadian Whiskey’s a rich topic area, and who better to guide us in than our very own Canadian Whiskey Enthusiast.

I mean, she’s a whiskey enthusiast, and Canadian.  But also an enthusiast of Canadian Whiskey.

Yep, I’m pretty sure you got that.

Bookings for these 2 sessions open at 7pm on Tuesday May 20th.

All are welcome at Whisky Squad tastings – there’s no membership requirement:  the only thing we hope for is that you’re interested in learning/talking about whisky.


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