Two exciting tastings in May

Continuing Whisky Squad’s extravaganza of sensory experience & whisky education, we’re proud to announce our two tasting sessions for the Merrie Month of May!

Whisky Squad #85 – Indie! Indie! – May 8th

The characteristics of whisky casks are as diverse as fingerprints, and in this session Billy Abbott and Jason B. Standing will be looking at a selection of whiskies chosen by a cornucopia of different Independent Bottlers. What it they’re looking for? Each has access to different casks and has their own personality and views, so all up it makes for a fascinating alternate view of the whisky landscape!

Whisky Squad #86 – Brilliant Blends Part Deux – May 22nd

Simultaneously the main makeup of whisky sales in the world, and also often eschewed by people as the poor cousin of Single Malts: there’s a great deal more to blended whiskies than you might assume. Jason B. Standing intends to take the group through some blends which might change the way you think about this part of the market, or if not, at least you’ll get to try some interesting whiskies.

The May sessions open for booking at noon on Friday April 18th.

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