Two marvellous new sessions for the Eighth Month of the Year Two Thousand and Fourteen – we thought that we’d keep things fairly light and summery, but still with the depth & interest that Whisky Squad are WORLD FAMOUS for.

Whisky Squad #91: Bruichladdich, Now and Then

It’s time to turn our gaze on a single distillery, and this one’s a corker. Producing a range of spirits with very distinct and wide ranging character, we’re taking a close look at the highly distinctive Islay enigma, Bruichladdich.

Thursday 7th August, 7:30pm

Whisky Squad #92: Spirits of Summer

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy (or so they say). Some might say that whisky is more a winter drink than a summer one (who says that? let’s get ’em) but what if we proposed that whiskies have seasonal characteristics? Here’s to whiskies that are imbued with the taste of summer.

Thursday 21st August, 7:30pm

Bookings for both of these will open at 11am on Thursday July 17th – don’t miss out!

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