March is the third month and three is the number of tastings we have in store for you.

Hello everyone!

We’ve got another three lovely tastings organised for your enjoyment and edification – feast thine eyes:

Thurs 7 Mar : Whisky Squad #55 – Mr T.T. Lee presents…

Billy Abbott expands on a favourite topic of his: the tasty, high quality, and often surprising realm of Taiwanese whisky.

Thurs 21 Mar : Whisky Squad #56 – Deep in Darkest Soho

Isabel Graham-Yooll has kindly offered to make Whisky Squad’s first acquaintance with London’s first specialist whisky shop – Milroy’s of Soho.

Sat 30 Mar : Whisky Squad #57 – Who’d build a distillery in Battersea?

Darren Rook – former regular Whisky Squad fixture, and visionary – is very excited to introduce us to his new project: The London Distillery Company.

Bookings for Whisky Squad 55, 56 and 57 will open at 1pm on Thursday February 21st.

Please – in order to give people more opportunity to attend a session, we’re asking that you only book one or the other of sessions 55 or 56 on Thursday.  As of Friday it’s open season though.

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