Somebody should invent a charity fundraiser where you staple things together for a month. We could call it Stapril.

3 more lovely Whisky Squad tastings to enjoy in April. When the bookings open at 10am on March 15th you’ll be able to have a go at signing up for…

Whisky Squad #58 – The Whisky Squad 3rd Birthday Three-Way (April 4th)

Billy, Joel and Jason will attempt to sway the group to vote for them as they present a couple of their favourite whiskies each, in an X-Factor style throwdown. Complete with tapdancing.  Probably.  Last year there was jazz and seashore noises. This year, whatever happens, we can promise lovely whisky.

Whisky Squad #59 – Field Trip: Tunbridge Wells (Royal) (April 13th)

We visit the inner sanctum of whisky retailer & purveyor of fine whisky products – Master of Malt – at their premises in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Whisky Squad #60 – “Reverse Notes” (April 18th)

Just for something a bit different, we thought it might be fun to take other peoples’ tasting notes and see if we can match them up against a brace of blind-tasted whiskies.  There’s probably a board game or gameshow analogy here, but given that X-Factor was the most current TV show I could think of, it’s clear I’m not the expert in this field.

When bookings open, please only book one or the other of #58 or #60 – if there’s any spaces still available as of midnight, then you can book for the other one. #59 is a Saturday afternoon, so that’s different – go for it!

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