Whisky Squad’s June Lineup…

The whisky fun continues in 2013, with 2 more great sessions to sample, discuss & learn about intricacies of the whisky world…

Whisky Squad #63 – 6th June – Better The Devil?

Berry Brothers & Rudd’s own Basingstoke-based superstar Mr Rocky Lancer takes us through some of their exquisite independently bottled whiskies, lining them up next to official distillery bottlings, giving us a chance to examine similarities and differences.

Whisky Squad #64 – 20th June – What’s it got to do with a Plasticene Parrot?

Our resident dramologist Mr Joel Eastman looks at the idea of “distillery polymorphism” – distilleries that produce multiple styles of spirit using the same equipment.  Perhaps it’ll open a discussion about what regionality means in a whisky?  Who knows?  It’ll be interesting, anyway!

Bookings for these sessions open Friday May 24th at 3pm.

For other info, have a look at our booking policy.

Good luck, and hope to see you in June!

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